HMS Amazon (D39)

The HMS Amazon (D39) seems to be another ship that defies photography. My Grandfather served abord from July 1944 to June 1945. During that time, the ship was used in home waters, and eventually as target practice. I’m not sure what he would have done aboard her… maybe kept it running? I wish I knew. This was the last ship he served on before leaving the Navy.

History of the HMS Amazon (D39)

HMS Amazon was a prototype design of destroyer ordered for the Royal Navy in 1924. She was designed and built by Thornycroft in response to an admiralty request for a new design of destroyer incorporating the lessons and technological advances of the First World War. Their great rivals Yarrow produced a similar, competitive design — that of Ambuscade.

Amazon was fitted out for service during the Second World War as a convoy escort. Her “A” and “Y” 4.7 in guns and after set of torpedo tubes were removed. A 12-pounder (3 in (76 mm)) Mk.V anti-aircraft gun was added in place of the torpedoes (to remedy the lack of a heavy anti-aircraft weapon), and a “Hedgehog” anti-submarine projector was added on the forecastle. Type 286P radar was added at the masthead, and the rangefinder and director on the bridge were replaced with a centimetric Type 271 for detecting surfaced submarines. The 2-pounder guns were replaced with 20 mm (0.79 in) Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannons, with a further pair added in the bridge wings. In 1943, the 12-pounder gun and the remaining torpedo tubes were removed to allow a 10-round depth charge pattern to be carried, and Type 291 radar replaced her Type 286P.

She spent most of the war up to 1942 escorting North Atlantic and Russian convoys, moving to the Mediterranean until returning to home waters in 1943 for the duration of the war. By 1944 she was reduced to acting as a target and was broken up by West of Scotland Shipbreaking at Troon in 1949.

Extra details found:
Sunday, September 15, 1940
A straggler from Convoy SC-3, the Canadian steam merchant Kenordoc was stopped by gunfire by the U-99, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Otto Kretschmer, about 44 miles west-northwest of Rockall in the northern Atlantic Ocean. The Kenordoc was later scuttled by the destroyer HMS Amazon (D 39). Of the ship’s complement, 7 died and 13 survivors were picked up by the HMS Amazon and the destroyer HMCS St. Laurent (H 83). The 1,780 ton Kenordoc was carrying timber and was headed for Bristol, England.

Ship and Commander information:

Details of War Service, 1939-1945. (listed as H39 for some reason instead of D39).
Interesting website that breaks down what the ship did each month of each of those years.

A small HMS Amazon Picture Gallery:

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