Humble Bundle – Charity:Water

One of the Charities that Humble Bundle has been working with, and what’s being done.  Based on Humble Bundle Mojam (from 02/15/2013) A little over 81,000 bundles sold, donating over $121,000.  Great way to support independent game developers, while supporting different charities world wide!


Humble Bundles have helped bring fresh water to thousands through charity:water

One of the non-profits Humble Bundle has proudly supported is charity: water, an organization devoted to bringing clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.

charity: water uses 100% of public donations to directly fund water projects, and then proves each project with photos and GPS data they post online. They’ve been one of our favorite partners since launch, and through your support and generosity they’ve been able to bring clean water to thousands of people in Ethiopia and Rwanda.

Here’s an update on the impact you’ve made with charity: water through supporting Humble Bundle sales, and we’re doing even more with charity: water right now as one of our store partners. Every cent contributed to them through the store this year will fund water projects with local partner organizations in the developing world.

Ethiopia: 3,275 People with clean water

The Humble Bundle Mojam saw 81,457 Humble Bundle customers contribute a total of $121,780 towards charity:water. 100% of this money was used to fund water projects with charity: water’s partner Water Aid in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a country in east Africa where more than half the population of 91 million people lack access to clean water. Ethiopia is a beautiful country with a deep history: it is one of the oldest locations of human life known to scientists and was the birthplace of coffee.

The impact of this contribution was huge as the contributions from all of you helped (alongside other donors) fund six different water points: three tap stands, two new drilled wells and a rehabilitated drilled well. These projects now serve more than 3,000 people every day with clean water.

Thank you for your continued support! Please feel free to share this post and let your friends know how you’ve helped bring clean water to thousands!

Humble Bundle Fundle!

The Humble Bundle is something I recently discovered.  I don’t recall how or where, possibly from a deals site, or some other site that I visit, but that’s not really important right now.

An interesting project put together that offers bundles of games on a weekly/bi-weekly basis for whatever you feel you want to pay.  Pay $1 or pay $100, the choice is yours.  The games range from top tier titles, older games, to Indie games, to brand new lesser known titles.  Older bundles have included titles like: Dead Island, Saints Row, Battlefield 3, The Sims 3,  Crysis 2, Burnout Paradise, C&C Red Alert 3, and much more!  Check out their Humble Mumble blog for more details about their current offerings, as well as past offerings.   Most are available for download via Steam.  Many come with Bonus soundtracks that you can download, and sometimes other bonus features.  You can also BTA (Beat the average), and get MORE games.

Humble Bundle
So there must be a catch right?  Well, sure… but it’s not really a “catch”.  The site is to encourage Charitable Donations.  During checkout, you can select how the money you are spending is split.  They default to a 3 way split, to the game developers, Charity and the site operators to cover expenses.  While you can accept the default split, you can decide, if you wish, to give 100% to Charity, or modify it in any way you want.

Humble Bundle
The “Beat the Average” price has been less than $10 since I’ve been following the site, and there have been some decent games in the mix, considering you’re essentially getting them for free for donating money to Charity.

The site also offers various payment options, which is nice.  You can pay via Credit Card, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Wallet or even Bitcoin!


Omnomnom via Google

Tis the season to cook, and get fat!  Thank goodness I’ve recently lost about 20 lbs, it gives me something to work with.

To really explore your creativity, Google Search has introduced Recipe View! Some individual sites (and phone apps) have offered some of this functionality before, but I like that this is searching pretty much everything it can find to match your needs.

Simply search for a food item, click “Recipes” on the results page, then click Search Tools to get your modifiers.  You can select different ingredients that you have or don’t have, cook times, and calories.  Hopefully I’ll find some fun new things to cook up!

Google Recipe - Stuffing
Google Recipe – Stuffing


Snowboarding in Nike style!

Some lucky folks this season will have the opportunity to fork over $500+ for some new Snowboarding boots from Nike… what’s so amazing, besides it being named after the Ewok inhabited Forest world of Endor??  The Nike Swoosh has LED lights in it, which apparently justifies the Star Wars reference.  Ooohhh ahhh…  now you can shred the slopes in true style and “force”!  Move over Burton, Salomon, K2, DC… Nike is here!!  Why did they miss the opportunity to name these things after the ice planet Hoth??

Nike Snowboard Boot

Circuitry aside, the Nike LunarENDOR is one of the most technologically advanced snowboard boots available. This year’s top-of-the-line offering sees the addition of Nike Lunarlon foam to provide a softer, more responsive ride and absorb some of the impact during landings, as well as dynamic support to help keep legs and hips more naturally aligned in your stance. Nike has also incorporated a customizable flex line system to give you three levels of stiffness, so whether you’re killing it in the park, pipe, or backcountry your ride will be perfectly dialed in. A 3-D molded upper and a Nike Flywire inner lacing system further enhance fit. Finally, the LunarENDOR’s liner and shell are reinforced with strobel technology that attracts and stores heat.

Come on Nike… impress us with a boot that laces itself, it’s almost 2015, lets go!!  Lets leave the old LA Gear tech back in the 90’s.

Shredded Butter! Amazing!

Straight from the “Why the hell didn’t I think of this??” department… a Butter Shredder!

Butter ShredderWho hasn’t battled with spreading butter on their toast, or Biscuits (American ones), or anything else for that matter?  Put a block of butter in the shredder, start turning, and tiny, fine strings of fluffy butter pour forth.

Sadly, I can’t find one on Amazon just yet.  Maybe I have to stay up extra late at night and surf the infomercials, this is sure to be a Billy Mays or Sham Wow dude special!  I’m sure I’ll get not one, not two, but three amazing Butter Shredders for the incredibly low price of $19.99… BUT WAIT!  That’s not all!  If I order in the next 30 minutes, they’ll send me 3 blocks of butter for FREE!  That’s right, that’s one starter block of butter for each shredder!!!

The Powdered Toast Man would very much approve, I’m sure!

All Your Base…


I can’t believe that this Internet “meme” dates back to 2001 already.  2001!  It seems like it was just yesterday.

All Your Base...
All Your Base…

To this day, parts of the video make it’s way into posts everywhere.
“What you say?” probably being the most common.
“Somebody set us up the bomb!”  hahah… ahh, still kills me.

There’s even a wiki page on it for crying out loud!
I’d completely forgotten about this:

On June 1, 2006, the video hosting website YouTube was taken down temporarily for maintenance. The phrase “ALL YOUR VIDEO ARE BELONG TO US” appeared below the YouTube logo as a placeholder while the site was down. Some users believed the site had been hacked, leading the host to add the message “No, we haven’t been hacked. Get a sense of humor.”

The Veep loves Capriotti’s, but can’t afford it!

Some redemption for the current administration… they like Capriotti’s!  I must admit, I’m rather jealous.  I haven’t had a sandwich from them in years, since leaving Vegas.  On some of my travels for work, I’ve found Capriotti’s here and there under construction/coming soon, but haven’t been to an area where one was open.

YAY!  I got my hot peppers!
YAY! I got my hot peppers!

Thank goodness his staffer had $56.25 for the bill, since Biden pulled the old open your empty wallet routine and act surprised.

They offered the sandwiches on the house, which he refused and turned to his peeps.

When something like that happens, you have to take the opportunity to pull the Vice President aside and tell him… “go ahead and take them… I know where you live, I know you’re good for it.”  After the Secret Service finishes with you, you wind up with some fantastic publicity!  lol

Raspberry Pi SD Cards

Raspberry Pi’s have been around a few years now, and they’re still fascinating little gadgets.

What the hell is a Raspberry Pi??  In layman terms, a little cigarette pack sized circuit board with some chips and some plugs/jacks.  You add an SD card, power adapter, plug in a monitor or TV, a keyboard & network, and you’re set.  Load up one of now many different distributions of Linux and get to playing.

SD Card dimensions
At the moment, my project of interest is Raspbmc, which is a minimal distribution of Debian Linux that boots into XBMC.

A recent battle I’ve had was with 2 kits that I bought that included SD Cards and Cases for the Raspberry Pi.  The kits came with a branded SD Card of which you can’t tell what the hell it is, it just has a picture of a Raspberry on it.  Well, ultimately, 1 worked, the other didn’t.  Doing a bit more reading

reveals a massive range of compatibility to the never ending stream of SD Cards.

If you’re planning to purchase a RPi, you might want to provide your own card.  Check to see if what you have laying around already works.  Or check the model number of one you want to buy against this list.  And do yourself a favor, if you’re getting a new Raspberry Pi, get at least a 16GB Class 10 card.  They say you only need a 2-4GB card, but you’re talking a couple of bucks… you’ll use (or want) the extra space at some point.

North Carolina Drivers License Study Guide

When we first moved to NC, one of the things I was warned about was the Driving Test, and that it’s notoriously a pain in the rear.  A quick search online, and I found a “Study Guide” or a Cheat Sheet as some would say.  The author of the site mentions many other sites are now charging for this information, and his site hasn’t been updated for about a year now… so for the sake of posterity, I thought I would make a copy and post it here in case his site vanished too.

Please do visit the link below, as there are a few years worth of comments with different questions and answers that have been provided.

So without further ado… I copy and paste with full credit to Steve Frey at:
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